Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ball Mason Jars 100 years of American Heritage

These are the new reproduction anniversary Ball Perfect Mason Jars. 1913 - 1915 100 years of American Heritage. Made in the U.S.A. embossed on the back of the jar.
For one year, Ball jars will be manufacturing the collector pints. Sometime in 2014 they will release a American Heritage Quart jar for one year only.
Made in America, these jars are beautiful for floral arrangements and mason jar crafts. I have a Pinterest board  full of ideas here:

I was only able to 12 of the first edition pints, released March 13, 2013 ( 3/13/13 ). I am keeping six and have put six up for sale in my Etsy shop MasonJarDecor.

Here is a photo of the new pint jar beside a vintage jar so you can see the color difference. I just love canning jars old and new.


  1. Love blue mason jars too.
    Woolie Hugs

  2. WOW! I didn't know they were doing that! The color sure is off isn't it! I must look for some.

  3. I bought these jars from Ball. Love them. Just curious if anyone else thought it strange that they say, 1913-1915 - 100 years, instead of 1913 - 2013 - 100 years? Love your Blog!

  4. 1913-1915 to celebrate 100 years since the three years they made three different colors starting in 1913 with blue, 1914 with green, and 1915 with amber, which they are to follow suite on until 2015 and then not to be made again, but look for green this year some time and amber 2015.

  5. I wondered about the printing of the years, too. It seems odd.

  6. So glad I found your blog. I was searching the internet regarding the date in the back. I was thinking it was a I LOVE THESE GLASSES! Making redneck wine glasses and the colors are beautiful! Thanks again for the dating info. Great story!