Friday, August 31, 2012

A quick trip to Lancaster

The Kinzers, Gap and Intercourse areas of Lancaster county are one of my favorite areas to visit.

Since it is prime time for tourist who come to see the Amish Farms and the outlet malls I try to stay on the Lancaster back roads. I have my favorite "secret shortcut road".
 I stopped for a few quick pictures. They are not the best but I thought you may enjoy some of my sights.

These miniature horses were so cute, only about three feet tall!

 This barn they have the sides open to help cure the tobacco.

 Tobacco in the fields.
 Next stop was at In Grandma's Attic to leave off some fall merchandise for the shop. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing pics of back road sights in Lancaster county! Brings back wonderful memories!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics. I've actually never seen tobacco in the fields. I had no clue it looked like that.

  3. Loved the pictures and I am right there with Eyelah who left the comment about never seeing tobacco in the fields..I never did either...thank you for sharing. I love the witches hat..did you make those?

  4. What wonderful pictures, Ree! How interesting to see tobacco like that, and I absolutely WANT a miniature horse now!! :-D
    Did you make the little bag in the last picture, with the sweet annie?? If you did, you should sell that on etsy, too! I LOVE it!!