Thursday, July 5, 2012

Forth of July at Raggedy Ree's Homestead

 Hope that you all enjoyed your July 4th with friends and family. Due to Will's work schedule we had to stay home this year. 
 The weather was pretty darn hot. We decided that it was time to get rid of the Barn Swallows that have been nesting under the roof of our wrap around porch. 
 Now they had made a couple of nests unnoticed by me and had babies in them a while back. Oh how sweet right? ( Not when you see the mess that gets dropped out from under the nests! )
 After the little ones have learned to fly, they decided to hang around leaving their little presents all over the porch. With all the barns and sheds in the area my porch is not going to be the Adams County Barn Swallow  Rescue Habitat.
 So down came the nests, we scrubbed the pillars, siding and trim. What a hard workout that was in the heat, I did not mind having a little playful fun with the ice cold well water coming out of the hose.

Other than that, I just worked on some of my mason jar crafting. I just finished up a dozen solar jar lights to put in my Etsy shop this morning. I have over 100 of those old blue quart canning jars that I want to sell. Need to get some more ideas on how to reuse them.


  1. Hello Ree, ya, those birdies can leave a heck of a mess behind. Love the mason jar lights, must look pretty at night. Blessings Francine.

  2. Those blue jars are such a lovely, delicate colour. I really like them.

    Visiting via the Etsy Blog Team :)